Have You Seen Me Lately?


Despite the fact that I suspect an overwhelming amount of you are merely hired CIA spooks, goons, or Google employees anyway, I decided to go ahead and update the site since it has been a minute for the handful of you who truly are wasting your time right now reading this fnord.

I am currently in the most remote seclusion, in what is basically a furnished log cabin in the woods of Nothern California, after a series of travels leading me from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to New York City to Jersey and back to Philly again, leading me to the mid-west and finally all the way across the country here.

Think vintage “Twin Peaks” style logging community, complete with retro 50s diners… The kind that make you feel you’ve just stumbled into a goddamned time warp.

Several people have asked me what I have been up to more or less, and when I will I finally plan to settle down and “get a real job.”

Submitted for your approval, I would like to direct your attention to my current affiliation with The College of Aetheric Sciences. Our goal with CAS is to help direct intrepid truth seekers in their quest for Truth and Fraternity in our One True and Illuminated Brotherhood and Learned College wherein the Mysteries of All You Could Ever Wish To Know are taught.

Over the past few months, I have worked to travel abroad and guest teach as a tenured professor in the Learned College, ¬†which means all mind altering substances have basically graciously been provided to me personally and I have been afforded a fixed income to work with for now. Thank you all for your concern. I plan on continuing my stint working as a course instructor for the CAS for as long as they continue to aid and abed my self indulgent and narcissistic lifestyle… Here is a snippet of one of our course lectures, below. Inquire within….



The Work.

The newest collaborative metafiction featuring Bradley the Buyer entitled THE 404 DOCUMENTS can be ordered HERE.


Visit the Bradley the Buyer bandcamp page to download the record for $8.88 or stream for free.

Visit this link to buy my physical CDs.


“Used Using People” is complete.


As the production of the record “Used Using People” draws to an end, AND the “BRADLEY THE BUYER” project/branding experiment hangs in the balance of leaning towards a permanent hiatus, I’d like to share a few realizations that have dawned on me, much in the way the LVX dawns upon the weary mage in times of the utmost desperation or dull tedium (also called “the dark night of the soul” by some.)

1. Things are not always as they seem.

2. Your friends are the ones who will help you pick up the pieces and will be there while you put yourself together.

3. Be good to the people who are there for you while you are at the bottom. They will be there when you are on your way back down. Don’t kick out rungs while you climb your ladder.

4. Cats make better friends than people do.

That having been said, “USED USING PEOPLE” is perhaps the final experiment in metafiction using the “BRADLEY THE BUYER” (tm!) fictional device. We have explored this narrative thoroughly and exhausted all possible directions in which it can go, and I feel now that it may be time to move on.


1. In the immortal words of Frank Black, “I’M NOT DEAD, I’M IN PITTSBURGH.”

2. This record specifically ties into the short novella I co-wrote with my friend James Curcio with whom I am currently staying entitled “THE 404 DOCUMENTS”, which can be purchased HERE. This novella thoroughly explores the motives of the character and persona of Bradley the Buyer in a way that can’t be written or spelled out through music. James has co-written several of the songs and mastered the entire record. He also executed the design of the record packaging and art. The album is a part of the series of products brought to you by the Mythos Media Conglomerate, bringing you the finest in interactive, transgressive and immersive multi-media experiences.

3. This is not the end. Await further developments and the next cycle of growth. Remember, flowers grow from compost heaps.





“USED PEOPLE” album art and liner notes

Robot Cirus Radio interview.

Johan Ess presents Robot Circus – Episode Five (10-13-11) by Bradley The Buyer
I’ve been slow to update this site recently because of preparing for live performances of the first few records. I wanted to link you to an interview I did several months ago with Asheville college radio’s Johan Ess (of Hoodoo Engine). Fans of IDM, dub, industrial, glitch and breakcore will find plenty of ear candy here, plus an interview with yours truly on culture jamming, short circuiting the global powers that be, and art as a means to social CHANGE. So stream or download it before the thought police get you!

“Figurative and Literal Opiates” now available thru Sirona Records.

Sirona Records has officially made “FIGURATIVE AND LITERAL OPIATES” available for free digital download through their archives. Thank you to Sirona and to Arnaud.


New updates

I apologize for lack of updates most recently but I have been a very busy bee with several major works in progress.

Most recently, I have worked out an online distribution deal with Sirona Records. I am excited to be working with Arnaud and the Sirona team and perhaps reaching the ears of some new listeners.

I am also working on a few other projects which will currently remain under wraps at the moment, but I am hoping these will be more influential than many of the other works I have participated in so far. I am working on several promotional videos for tracks from the “FIGURATIVE AND LITERAL OPIATES” LP, one of which will be a self-produced video for the track “MURDER IS SEXY” and another for “DEVIL’S ADVOCATE” that is still in negotiation. If all goes well, these should be pretty fitting for the tracks themselves and hopefully will bring a bit of infamy, if not notoriety, to the project.

I would also like to direct your A Tension to Modern Mythology, an excellent blog curated by my friend and collaborator James Curcio, where I occasionally write under yet another pseudonym, from time to time.

“Figurative and Literal Opiates” is completed, and ready to order.

Please excuse the lack of updates for several weeks. Although I was off trying to be a “human being” and have a “real life” outside of being a “starving artist” and “elitist countercultural musician/whatever shit can stick” it really is inexcusable to forget you released your first full length LP and plug it appropriately on your own website… “Figurative and Literal Opiates” is a record about self-delusion and deceit. It is a record about the lies we tell others, and more importantly ourselves. It is a record about hero worship, political manipulation, throwaway pop culture, compulsion, addiction and the commodification of desire. The genres represented here range from self-satirizing pseudo-industrial to hip hop, glitch hop, dub, IDM, synth pop, psychedelic, jazz and breakbeat. Much like the weather in Ohio, if you don’t like a song wait five minutes and you will feel better. Much like Ohio and the Midwest in general, the album was inspired by a dysfunctional family of teenagers and young adults who drink, take drugs together, fuck one another and ultimately self-destruct in a bright blaze of hallucinatory debauchery and aborted dreams. There is something here for the whole dysfunctional family, if your family happens to be the Manson family. Enjoy with milk. Stay in school, eat your greens and grow up strong.

Purchase the physical copy from Kunaki for $7.00 HERE

Purchase or stream (for FREE!!!!!!) the digital copy HERE.

Short conversation.

J: i am glad you are happy with the way that the record and the art turned out so far.

BTB: oh it will be shortlived, rest assured. and tomorrow, i’ll be at it again. ha. ha ha ha. haaaaaa.


J: that’s probably a good thing…. you’re getting better.

you have a musician’s soul and should try to tap into it as much as possible.

BTB: puppets dance smoothly when they can’t

feel their strings ;)

J: dance monkey, dance!

BTB: i picture you shooting at my feet while you say this, throwing small lumps of hash and quarters at my face.


BTB: i’m a lunatic. i scare people off…

J: the NSA appreciates our visceral honesty, i am sure.

BTB: ‘yessss, feeed ussss datttaaa’…. what the NSA doesn’t count on is that the 75% of the information we feed them is false.

"Disneyland can wait..."


J: sure, but they have roving wiretaps so whats to keep them from spying on you through your cell phone or using nanobot insects to peep around your house?

BTB: oh, that’s where those bugs are coming from. i thought i just manifested them via extremely creepy hallucinogenic vibes and black magick while making this godawful piece of shit.

J: nah, it was obama all along…. have to keep on that alex jones tip… you hear obama signed the extension of the patriot act just now using an automated robot pen from overseas?

I.A.O. Isis. Apophis. Osiris.

BTB: i’m shocked.

J: now we are definitely being watched by the NSA.


J: nah you dont want that man, you dont want that… centipedes are only cool up to a point, and then it’s all downhill to guantanamo, baby.

BTB: after the nanotech centipedes videotape me masturbating for hidden voyeur centipede cam adult websites?

J: FRANKENSTEIN COMPUTER GOD ALL THE WAY… satan will lead. derp derp derp.


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